Singing Lessons

Nick Day, musician (above) “Having undertaken voice
training for the last three years
with Marketa, I find her method
excellent …” (read more)


Anne Colgan, musician,

“I have been singing and taking singing lessons for many
decades now. Four years ago,
I began lessons with Marketa,
and since then I have learned
more in four years than during
all the time before that.”
(read more)

Singing Lessons

Terezie Blumová

Marketa started to teach in 1989 and based her teaching on the renowned Szamosi method (, which was originated by Professor Lajos Szamosi in Hungary, and used and developed by her Professor, Therezie Blumová for more than seventy years of her practice.

The method emphasises natural singing and effortless projection of the voice. Pupils sit for part of the exercises and the teacher uses a physical touch to prevent unnecessary muscle tension, which is often used by singers for creating either volume or unnatural colour of the voice.

The Szamosi approach puts a great emphasis also on joining physiology with the psyche of the pupil. The lessons are generally experienced as very pleasant and relaxing and pupils often feel a rellaxing, musico-therapeutic effect, as well as technical progress.  Glendalough, fishing August 07 058

Marketa’s teaching focuses completely on development of vocal functions. This in turn improves and supports the various music style of each singer. Marketa is accredited to the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM), to enable pupils who wish to take the official exams. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Marketa and her Pupils

Marketa and her Pupils



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Our last summer course propJUosed an ambitious project: to stage a production of Henry Purcell’s operatic masterpiece ‘Dido and Aeneas’. It was a full- immersion course lasting a week with performances on the eighth and ninth days. Although there was daily technical training (using theapproach devised by Prof. Lajos Szamosi), there was full daily schedules of music calls, acting and stage rehearsals to prepare for the performances. For the full video recording of our performance, please visit: IMG_1406NMS_0530NMS_0528



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