Markéta Malcová – Singer/ Singing teacher

MARKÉTA MALCOVÁ, mezzo-soprano, is a graduate of the Conservatoire of Music in Prague. She continued her study of the Szamosi vocal method                 http://www.liberocanto.com under the renowned Hungarian Prof. T. Blumova for twelve years and ever since has been passing this unique vocal approach on her students. She started to teach singing at the Teachers Training Academy Sv. Jan pod Skalou and in Týnská škola, the Academy of Early Music in Prague. She has performed as a soloist and with various chamber ensembles of Early Music, and as a member of Prague Chamber Choir, she performed in concerts and operas throughout Europe for over ten years – including Wexford Festival Opera, where she settled in 2002. After three years in Wexford School of Music, she started her own singing school SCUOLA DEL CANTO LIBERO, and is giving singing lessons to pupils of all ages, and regularly showcasing her students in concerts and workshops.  She formed the Wexford Chamber Choir with her students in 2015. Marketa is currently also an artistic director of Course in Early Music https://jvacikova.wixsite.com/kurz-stare-hudby in the Czech Republic and many of her students have performed there.


Workshop 2011



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Libero Canto Conference 2016, Den Haag, Annie & Gabriel Szamosi, Kinga & Deborah

  •                                                                   Libero Canto Conference 2016, Den Haag,
  •                                                                  Annie & Gabriel Szamosi, Kinga & Deborah